Dim Sum Deliciousness. This cute new dumplingboutique restaurant is ultra charming. The decor almost has a hotel lobby vibe to it- and they play great music in the evenings. Since this is Los Angels don’t be surprised to see a Vegan Beyond Cheeseburger Dumpling. This is not your traditional dumpling spot. The shrimp Har Now in Sweet Pea Broth was a favorite- as was the braised brisket bao sandwich. The sweet potato pancake with Aioli was tasty – and unique. There is a dumpling to suit every taste here- and even one for desert, banana Nutella – YUMMY! It is a great spot to catch up with friends or have a date- it has a chic and charming atmosphere.

My Little Dumpling
8432 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90048

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